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A Celestial Song

by Carole Bellacera

My mother made her transition on December 19th, 1998 after a long bout with cancer. I thought about her frequently on the first anniversary of her death, but I waited until the hour of her departure before I really gave in to my need to reflect upon how much I missed her.

A few minutes before eleven--the exact time she left this world--I stepped out onto the deck of my house for a moment of solitude and meditation. It was perfectly still out there--not a breath of a breeze whispered through the quiet, overcast night.

"I know you're better off, Mom, but I still miss you so much," whispered to the dark night. Tears streaked my face as I remembered holding her slim, beautiful hand as she slipped away.

Then it happened.

My Claddagh windchime began to ring softly, and then one after another, the other chimes joined in until they were all ringing a beautiful song. I stood, transfixed, smiling through the tears blurring my eyes. She was here with me!

The windchimes rang for about ninety seconds. Then, just as suddenly as they started chiming, they stopped, and all was quiet again.

I waited a moment longer in the stillness. She was gone. But I felt fulfilled and joyous, knowing she would always be near. Knowing that God had answered my prayers and given me this very special moment with her.

"Goodnight, Mommy," I whispered. "I love you."

I stepped inside and closed the door. For a moment, I stood there, listening for the sound of the windchimes, but not a single breath of air stirred the night. Smiling, I turned off the lights and left the room.


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